Meet the Center Scholars, a collaborative group advancing quality and safety research.

Grant Fletcher, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

Interest Areas: Health Information Technology

Jeff Foti, MD

Associate Medical Director/Consultant, Clinical Effectiveness, Hospitalist, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington

Interest Areas: Clinical Effectiveness, Quality Improvement, Value, Clinical Standard Work, Readmissions, Lean and Kaizen Culture

Chris Kim, MD

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Associate Medical Director, Quality and Safety
Medical Director, Center for Clinical Excellence, University of Washington Medical Center

Interest Areas: Quality Improvement, Transitions of Care, Operational Improvement Methods, Lean Thinking for Healthcare, Medical Staff Leadership, Multi-Disciplinary Patient Care

Sara Kim, PhD

Associate Dean, Educational Quality Improvement
Research Professor, Department of Surgery
Director of Educational Innovations and Strategic Programs
Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies

Interest Areas: Healthcare Provider Communication Skills, Workplace Interpersonal Conflicts, Communication Interventions, Power Differentials in Healthcare

Leah Marcotte, MD

Physician and Clinical Innovator, Iora Health

Interest Areas: Quality Improvement, Primary Care Payment and Delivery Reform, Health Information Technology, Population Health Analytics, Provider Incentives

Somnath Mookherjee, MD

Faculty Development Lead
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director, Faculty Development Program, Division of General Internal Medicine

Interest Areas: Faculty Development, Clinical Reasoning, Clinical Case Reporting, Physical Examination Education, Quality Improvement Education, Peer Observation and Feedback, Educational Feedback

Sean Mooney, PhD

Professor and Chief Research Information Officer, Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education

Interest Areas: Data Science Applications in Biomedicine, Molecular Causes of Genetic Disease and Cancer, Health Information Technology, Bioinformatics

Lori Rutman, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Interest Areas: Quality Improvement Research, Statistical Process Control, Lean, IHI Model for Improvement, Impact of Care Standardization

Amber Sabbatini, MD

Acting Instructor, Division of Emergency Medicine
AHRQ Patient Centered Outcomes Scholar

Interest Areas: Quality and Value of Emergency Care, Optimizing Admissions, Delivery Innovations in Emergency Medicine

Paul Sutton, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine, General Internal Medicine
Associate Medical Director for Inpatient Systems, UW Medicine IT Services

Interest Areas: Clinical Decision Support, Health Information Technology, Hospital-Based Computing Operations, Quality and Safety of Medical Informatics

Erik Van Eaton, MD, FACS

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education

Interest Areas: Informatics Transfer, Communication Practices, Information Systems, Research to Practice, Healthcare Information Technology, Biomedical Health Informatics

Andrew White, MD

Faculty Advisor for Project Innovation
Associate Professor of Medicine
UW Medical Center Hospitalist Group Director

Interest Areas: Communication After Adverse Events, Clinican Support After Adverse Events, Informatics, Error Disclosure, Team Communication, Interhospital Transfers, Inpatient Medicine, Electronic Decision Support