Faculty, housestaff/fellow, and staff contributions in quality and patient safety are essential to the core mission of UW Medicine. In addition, the promotions process can account for your contributions to quality and safety. Use these pages as a resource as you select a project, define your aims and timelines, identify support, collect data, and disseminate your findings. As healthcare practice evolves, you can play a part in the systematic improvement in the quality of care and patient outcomes. 

Are you planning or working on a quality improvement project that could benefit from housestaff involvement? Many residents and fellows are eager to become involved but may not know how to find the right faculty or project managers. Post your project on QI Match to connect with passionate trainees who can help you.

Steps for project support

The Center is happy to provide support and consultation for scholarly projects around quality improvement, patient safety, and value. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Read

Read through the five sections on the right for selecting a projectdefining your aims and timelinesidentifying supportcollecting data, and disseminating your findings.

Step 2: Fill out form

Complete the Research Inquiry form to tell us more about your project and type of guidance you are seeking.

Step 3: Email

Email the form to Amelia Chappelle at amchappe@uw.edu and a representative from the Center will reach out to you to schedule a consultation meeting with an expert relevant to your needs.