The Center pursues large scale externally funded research projects related to quality and safety.

A Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Optimal Patient-Centered Care for US Trauma Care Systems

Principal Investigator: Douglas Zatzick, MD

Communication to Prevent and Respond to Medical Injuries: WA State Collaborative

Principal Investigator: Thomas H. Gallagher, MD

Comprehensive Patient Safety and Medical Liability Communication and Resolution Program

Principal Investigator: Stephen Hines, MD

Detecting, Addressing, and Learning from Patient-Perceived Breakdowns in Care

Principal Investigator: Kathleen Mazor, MD

Developing Sound Regulatory Strategies for Responding to Medical Injuries

Principal Investigator: Thomas H. Gallagher, MD

Development and Experimental Testing of Novel Leadership Metrics: Determining Reliability, Validity, and Feasibility

Principal Investigator: Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz, MD

Improving Accuracy of Electronic Notes Using a Faster, Simpler Approach

Principal Investigator: Thomas Payne, MD

Responding Justly to Patients Harmed by Medical Care: Disclosure, Compensation, and Litigation

Principal Investigator: Thomas H. Gallagher, MD

Translating Simulation-Based Team Leadership Training into Patient-Level Outcomes

Principal Investigator: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD