To apply to the Patient Safety Innovations Program (PSIP), prepare all proposal documents as outlined below (including a budget), combine them into a single PDF file, and send it as an attachment to

Incomplete proposals will not be considered eligible for funding and will be returned to the PI for correction and resubmission if time permits. Each applicant will receive a confirmation email that the proposal has been received within one week of submittal.

Items required for a complete proposal include:  

1. Proposal Cover Page

Length: Maximum of one (1) one-sided page

Include proposal title; name and department of the PI and any Co-PI(s); and the proposal abstract (maximum of 250 words).

2. Suggested Reviewers Memo

Length: Maximum of one (1) one-sided page

Beneath the PI's name, please list two to four suggested reviewers of your application who could provide a thorough and objective review of the proposal. Include a complete address (if internal, a campus box number is permissible), phone number, and email address for each individual listed. Additionally, list the names of any UW faculty or staff who should not review the proposal (e.g., due to conflict of interest). This would include supervisors and current or previous collaborators (research and/or teaching).

3. Description of Proposed Research

Length: Maximum of six (6) one-sided pages

Note: PSIP program recognizes that not all the wording and/or information requested in this application will apply equally to all eligible units within the university. PIs should try to answer the substance of the questions as they apply to their discipline. Keep in mind that the committee members generally will not be specialists in the field, thus the proposal should be understandable to colleagues outside of your particular discipline.

Include items A-E detailed below:

A. Introduction and Rationale

Provide a brief critical review of the pertinent literature, theoretical background, and justification for the proposed research. Describe any results already achieved, including publications.

B. Objectives

What is the project designed to accomplish? Provide a brief description of the following:

  1. The impact of your proposed project on the quality and safety of healthcare at UW Medicine, and
  2. How your project addresses the priority areas. 

C. Procedures

With what methods, materials, or tools will the objectives be met? If access to a particular location or institution is required for research or data collection, state whether permission has been obtained. In this section, provide the following:

  1. A plan for evaluating the impact of their proposed project;
  2. A plan for ensuring the sustainability of their proposed project, should the pilot demonstrate a positive impact on the quality and safety of healthcare at UW Medicine; and
  3. A brief statement regarding whether the proposed activities will require approval from the Human Subjects Division.

D. Project Timeline

Provide a schedule showing how the proposed research can be accomplished during the desired support period. The support period is normally limited to 18 months. 

E. Need for PSIP Support

What other efforts have been made to find support for the project? How could the results of the work lead to further outside funding or commercial applications? How does this project address the mission of the Patient Safety Innovations Program?

4. Letter of Support

Include a letter from your department chair or division chief indicating support of your proposed research, and confirmation that you have FTE available to devote to the project and any resources required to complete the work.

Additionally, if your project proposal includes an IT component, you must obtain and submit a letter of support from IT services. If you have any questions or could use help obtaining a letter, please contact

5. Budget

Length: Maximum of three (3) one-sided pages

Detailed information about budget preparation, as well as an example budget, are available on the Create a Budget page. Justify all major budget items requested.

6. Curriculum Vitae of PI, co-PI(s) and postdoctorate(s)

Length: Maximum of two (2) one-sided pages per CV

7. Other Research Support

Length: Maximum of two (2) one-sided pages per PI/Co-PI

List sources, dates, amounts, and titles of all research awards for which you were the PI during the past three years, as well as pending proposals. State the relationship of each project to the current proposal, if any. Provide this information for the PI and each co-PI. Junior faculty should also list the total amount and remaining balance of their start-up package. (If you have no other research support to report, simply include a statement to this effect.)

8. Literature Citations (publications by the PI and/or others related to proposed research)

Length: Maximum of two (2) one-sided pages