VSSL draws upon expertise from scholars and care delivery leaders at UW. This allows the Lab to aggregate expertise that spans scholarly disciplines (e.g., decision sciences, health policy, care delivery redesign, and behavioral economics) and health systems operations (e.g., population health, value-based purchasing and care delivery) to drive change and evaluate programs that impact patients and populations.

VSSL goals:

  1. Identify and synthesize value-based payment and care delivery policies into strategic organizational insights
  2. Educate stakeholders about value-based and systems-focused policies and their care delivery implications
  3. Apply rigorous scholarship – via program evaluation and implementation of pragmatic interventions – to understand policy impact on health systems and patients

Current VSSL efforts include implementation of nudge-based interventions that improve population health and evaluation of value-based payment and delivery policy. Lab projects are highly collaborative and involve partnership with a range of health care stakeholders that share an interest in identifying systems strategies that improve care delivery.

A guiding principle of VSSL is that impact comes in multiple forms, which translates into a multi-stream dissemination approach that combines peer-reviewed publications, issue briefs, lay press publications, stakeholder briefings, and other forms of decision maker engagement.