We discover and share innovative approaches to quality and safety of patient care.

The UW Medicine Center for Scholarship in Patient Care Quality and Safety delivers exceptional trainings, project support, and large-scale innovations that enhance the quality, safety, and value of care delivered to patients at UW Medicine. 

UW Medicine clinicians and researchers have the insights to enhance the quality, safety, and value of patient care. The Center integrates these operational, academic, and interprofessional perspectives as we collaborate with providers, researchers, educators, specialists, and trainees. The Center's expertise and resources help UW Medicine identify and adopt safe, high-quality, high-value practices in care. We also excel at identifying innovative approaches to enhance the efficiency of care delivery. 

Our Mission:

  • Workforce/Professional Development: We impact UW Medicine workforce development so that every provider knows fundamental quality and safety principles and has the resources to take an innovative project idea to a disseminated improvement project. 
  • Project Support: Our lens of scholarship and health system sciences supports the design, implementation, and dissemination of quality, safety, and value projects. 
  • Innovation: We make fundamental contributions to health system science and consistently apply and support dissemination of best practices as a learning organization.