About us

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Our mission is to enhance the quality, safety, value, and equity of care delivered to patients at University of Washington and beyond.

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The Center for Scholarship in Patient Care Quality & Safety is dedicated to ensuring that all patients receive safe, high-quality care. Using rigorous science and scalable training and project support , we accelerate the adoption of evidence-based practices that improve the safety, quality and value of care for patients everywhere.

We are shaping healthcare delivery to be safer and more effective.

Our clinicians, researchers, and staff create, evaluate and disseminate innovative approaches to quality and safety that are applied here at UW Medicine and at health systems nationwide. Their fundamental contributions to health system science are improving care delivery and patient experience and outcomes.

We are a hub for quality improvement training and support. 

Our educational programs enable providers and staff to readily apply fundamental quality and safety principles in their day-to-day roles. Delivered by leaders in quality improvement, our trainings help participants evolve an innovative concept into a scalable improvement project that can be disseminated system wide.